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wassermann schultz and accused to overshadowing the president's re-election pied to flat out lying. the dnc convention behind her i invited her on to set the record straight without talking points. she wasn't happy about some of my questions but they had to be asked. so here it is. thanks for coming on this saturday night. i know it's been a very busy time for you. you know you've been at the center of some controversy and before -- i just want you to come on to set the record straight. now that you've had a chance to look back, this isn't an ambush interview. i'm not trying -- this isn't got you. i just want to get some clarity and see if you've had some clarity. i want to start with some of the comments that were made on monday to jewish democrats about israel and specifically a comment you made to the israelan ambassador. here what you said. >> we know and i've heard no less than ambassador michael oren say this, that what the republicans are do is undermining israeli's security by suggesting that the united states and israel don't have anything other than a unique and close and special
help. >>> to believe in howard schultz or not to believe in it. schultz the ceo of starbucks introduces it's new espresso machine. the company not just the stock. which we know has been a bit of a disappointment, up 10% for the year, not too shabby, but down 12 points from its old high. first the coffee maker entry, while it's important, there's no coffee more than green mountain coming. the single serve brewer and starbucks partner. there's a glimpse of optimism. third while on the quiet period, you can't talk about how the quarter's going. how about the slowdown sales that came to this country. now i know there's plenty of skeptics about star bruk bucks. i think he makes great points, to me it looks like we have a frenemy situation. i do want to own starbucks. and i'll tell you why. lots of instant cat calls of my positive view of schultz on twitter. he made you fortune. he's been like steve jobs in a way and i don't use that analog lightly. hey, listen, they have disappointed us, but howard schultz? i trust him. he made it clear that the u.s. come back would be gradual, it will be lo
with those efforts. iowa's republican secretary of state matt schultz started the year by asking the state's bipartisan legislature to pass a new law requiring iowa voters to show documentation in order to vote that voters never had to show before. and that many iowans do not have. he did not get his new law. in part because mr. schultz himself was forced to agree that there have been no real reports of voter fraud in iowa. at all. let alone the kind that would be hampered by blocking people from voting in this particular new way he wanted to block people from voting. after that mr. schultz promised fellow republicans that he was turning over every stone to find some voter fraud in iowa. when he didn't find any, he brought in an agent from the iowa division of criminal investigation to help him look at a cost of taxpayers of up to quarter million dollars. at last report, mr. schultz was still looking for voter fraud in iowa, but he gave up waiting for the legislature. in late july he personally ordered a new set of rules about voting in iowa. he called them emergency rules. rules he needed
. solutionism. the new optimism. >>> florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz came on cnn to set the record straight last night about some of her most recent controversial statements. one of which is accusing a writer of misquoting her comment about republicans in israel to an audience of jewish democrats. phillip klein is that editorial writer for the washington examiner. he saw my conversation with the dnc chair last night and he wanted to come in to respond to her accusations about reporting. of course we said yes come on. phillip is going to watch what she said in my interview along with you and me and then respond. >> if you look at what "the examiner," which is a conservative blog site. so it is not surprising that they would deliberately misquote me. i'll reiterate they did deliberately misquote me. first they took only the first line of what i said and then they cut it off. and so you haven't played the rest of what i said. and what they did was they reported that i said that republican policies were dangerous for israel. and actually that's what am
to vote the more you know. >>> to believe in howard schultz or not to believe in it. schultz the ceo of starbucks introduces it's new espresso machine. a latte espresso machine. the company not just the stock. which we know has been a bit of a disappointment, up 10% for the year, not too shabby, but down 12 points from its old high. first the coffee maker entry, while it's important, there's no coffee more than green mountain coming. the single serve brewer and starbucks partner. second, starbucks is seeing a turn in europe. there is a glimpse of optimism. third while on the quiet period, you can't talk about how the quarter's going. how about the slowdown sales that came to this country. now i know there's plenty of skeptics about green mountain and starbucks. my colleague here, herb, makes great points. to me it looks like we have a frenemy situation. that will morph into an enemy situation when and how green mountain chooses to. i do not want it own green mountain, but i do want to own starbucks. and not just because of the skinny white chocolate latte i had this morning. lots of
in the first place? here is dnc chairwoman debbie waserman schultz talking to john roberts, fox news. >> was it an omission? intentional? >> it was not omission and not intentional. absolutely not. >> how did it get out then >> like i said, sometimes there are technical corrections. we have to make technical corrections to legislation on the house floor all the time. >> andrea: technical corrections. do you believe her? >> eric: very important. john roberts is doing amazing reporting. earlier i e-mailed him and e-mailed back. he said here is how it got taken from the platform. he quotes, he had a sit down with former congressman robert wexman, i'm the drafting committee member said when the plank was crafted it was written to accurately reflect the president's official policy that jerusalem is machineer of time status negotiations. so when they took it out, there was a purposeful, the intent was to take it out. debbie waserman schultz is either lying on t right there or just completely misinformed about what is going on. it's really bad what they are doing. >> greg: i have a theory,
been quite a week for the committee. debbie wassermann schultz is accused of overshadeeing the president's reelection bid. i invited her on to set the record straight. without talking points. she was not always happy with my questions, but they had to be asked. here it is. >> thanks for coming on this saturday night. i know it has been a busy time for you. you have been at the story of controversy. i want to you come on to set the record straight. now that you had a chance to look back, this is not an ambush interview. this is not got you, i just want to get some clarity and see if you have some clarity. i top the start with the comments made on monday to jewish democrats about republicans and israel. specifically a reference you made to the israeli ambassador. here's exactly what you said. >> we know and i've heard no less than michael oren say this. that what the republicans are doing is dangerous for israel. they are undermining israel security by suggesting that the united states and israel don't have anything other than a unique and close and special relationship. >> s
. examine the dnc chairwop, debbie wasserman schultz. first, a look how the democrats' platform has changed when it comes to god and israel. there are big changes ahead from the journalist of fox news on this tuesday, fox report live from charlotte, north carolina. and the floor of the democratic national convention, this is america's choice for news examine information on cable. it is great to have you with us. charlotte, north carolina [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special. dad, we want pizza. you guys said tacos. [ female announcer ] it doesn't always work out that way. you know what? we're spending too much money on eating out anyway. honey, come look at this. [ female announcer ] my money map from wells fargo is a free online tool that helps you track your spending. so instead of having to deal with a tight budget, d havefree online tool that helps you track your spending. a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far. uh, trouble with a car insurance claim. ah, claim trouble. [ dennis ] you should just switch to allstate, and get their new claim tisfacti
with us. "the ed show" with ed schultz starts right now. >> good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" from new york. 48 days until the 2012 election. the undercover romney fund-raiser video has members soft republican establishment calling for an intervention. tonight, the new portions of the tape that could force mitt to take them up on the offer. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> it's unfortunate when something gets misinterpreted like this or is taken out of context. >> the romney campaign says their unedited tape is being mischaracterized. meanwhile, karl rove, scott brown, and republicans around the country are completely freaking out. tonight, dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz on the republican chaos. the romney camp wants to talk redistribution? >> the president saying he likes redistribution. i disagree. >> tonight, a lesson on upwards redistribution with dean baker. plus, ohio senator sherrod brown, on the 47% fallout in ohio. and could paul ryan actually lose two elections, in one night? i'll ask ryan's congressional opponent if the candidate stands
. she says it would have been worse, if her little boy was home at the time. schultz says: " (covered with video of her soo): "i would have been even more scared, (on cam) because i really thought they were going to hii the house, (covered with a still of the chopper) and so i was running around frantic juut by myself so it would have een even worse with him (her son)." son)." as scared as schultz was...she still snapped those pictures... 3ocumenttng the "bust"... 3 33 3 "bust"... 3 3 in the 7th but the blue jays have the bases loaded and one out...see if the o's bullpen could hold the in sports unlimited... the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at that's all for the late edition, thanks so much for joining us. i'm j
... her... little boy... was home the time. schultz says: " (covered with video of her on): "i would have been evee more scared, (on cam) because i really thought they wereegoinn to hit the house, (covered with a still of the chopper) and so i was running arounddfrantic juut by myself so it would have been even worse with him son)." as... scared as schultz was.../ she ... still... tookk pictuues.../ of... the "bust"... it's ... a... book... promising... an... insider's account... of the dramaaic raid.../ led... to the death ... of... the... woold's ...most-wanted terrorist....// "no... easy day," .../ the... memoir... of a... former navy peal... who... helped kill... osama bin laden.../ hit... bookshelves today../. last week... it... was... already... number one ... on... amazon's list.../ amid waves ... of... ontroversy ...//. but... as... mary ellen hopkins... explains.../ the... author... could e... in... a... oo of trouble. p3 th
... was home the time. schultz says: " (covered with video of her son): "i would have been even more scared, (on cam) becauss i eally thought thhy were going to hit the house, (covered with a still of the chopper) and so i was running around frantic just by myself so it would have been even worse with him (her son)." son)." as... sccred as schultz was.../ she ... still... took pictures.../ of... the "bust"... well... will we hold on to summer? or seeefalling temperatures this week? week? let's go to vytas for a look at the extended forecast. the orioles claim a share of first place...and no, you;re not heariig things..bruce cunniigham has full details next ii sports. that's all for the late editton, i'm jeff barnd. here's bruce cunningham with sports unlimited. 3 this is unbelieveable...the orioles have a share of first septembbr..tonnght, the yannees lost to tampa bay whhle the birds tooo care of the bue jays...the east is pennant race.... zach britton seems to have righted himself...and he was sharp tonight...very sharp... he went 7 innings...scatte
. that going up the stairs is george schultz former secretary of state. he is going up to welcome romney. and we're just going to be waiting here to see when he comes off. and like i said see if we can actually get in a word edge wise with him. >> john is there anybody else out there? looks like there are some other folks out there waiting to greet him as well, is that the case? >> yeah, there's definitely quite a bit, if you see there under the wing. that looks like the -- the candidates press corp. that has been traveling with him. also as i said, probably quite a few staff members and some secret service. obviously protecting the candidate wherever he goes. but, we do have quite a bit of local media here as well. we're all waiting hoping that we get a chance to say something to him. but at this stage it doesn't look like we're going to get much of a chance. >> john i know that you've covered presidential arrivals on air force one before. can you compare and contrast what you are seeing security wise and media wise. >> reporter: it's pretty much the same kind of thing. he has the same
wasserman schultz has been caught on national television saying anything other than the truth. she was lying. same republican criticism is dangerous for israel. but last 95 accused "the examiner" of misquoting her. >> i did not say that. unfortunately that was reported by a conservative newspaper not surprising they would deliberately misquoted me. >> and faced with that denial was forced to release the tape and listen to her yourself. >> while the republicans -- there is. there are lots of things she could do but denial is a difficult option. nickelodeon condemned it jason diggs after treating obscene comments about paul ryan's wife during the national convention. so disgusting they are not to repeatable and then nickelodeon was promoting the twitter nickelodeon was promoting the twitter page and now they issued a statement saying his comments did not reflect their rebellious and liberals manufacture the republicrepublic anwr on women? really? just minutes away to the democratic national convention. says it get better than fox business network? does the president have surprises in store? th
to see you guys. >> gretchen: we'll talk to you next week. coming up, dnc boss deb key warsman schultz denies ever saying republicans were dangerous for israel. then what would explain this? >> we know and i heard ambassador orrin say this, the republicans are doing it dangerously for israel. >> gretchen: you won't believe how she's reacting. >> brian: the president has a decision to make. who should he target tonight? juan williams here live to talk about the big deal tonight. the final speech and then we pack up and go home. >> steve: they're walking against the light. >> brian: right ♪ [ acoustic guitar: slow ] [ barks ] ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barks ] beneful playful life is made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day. for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with e capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles y
to be dried up. you made it in from out of the pouring rain in charlotte. >> debbie wasserman schultz, 94 being with us. -- thank you for being with us. >> what is a successful convention for the democrats? >> a successful convention will be people saying they like barack obama as much as i used to like him. they will also say they have a better idea of what four more years will look like. >> what do you think? >> you cannot have the same magic in any re-election. you can try to look forward. delegates want to hear what is going on in the next four years. they don't blame him for anything and they're not angry. they are not worried but that it wants to see the vision for the next four years. >> why is that so hazy te? why isn't barack obama saying elect me and you will see these things? >> they claim they do that. of materialreams that is on the table. >> it is not necessarily the lack of anything. we're talking about incremental change here. >> optimistic >> were in our the delegates in november? they aret think despondent at all. i think they felt more energetic and they looked appalled
the decision was reversed you write in your book that karl rove and others, debbie wasserman schultz pressured brinker to back down on the position that you had taken. now we've gotten in touch with both karl rove and debbie wasserman schultz and spokes people for them say that did not take place, karl rove is denying any involvement, wasserman schultz is saying -- he says mrs. handle's account is not accurate and wasserman schultz says characterization of the call to nancy bringer as threatening could not be further from the truth. i can only relate how it was related to me when events were unfolding. what i can tell you is that, it is without question that komen was on the receiving end of a bullying beat-up by planned parenthood and the left. the organization was receiving bomb threats. we had congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz was weighing in, no question trying to pressure the organization. corporate sponsors were being contacted and told, see what we're doing to komen if you don't stop supporting them, you're next. that's bullying to the absolute definition of it. >> you claim that y
at chumps. >> i had something at the hands of debby wasserman schultz. >> the only hitch was the awful noise coming from the hotel room next to mine, turns out debby wasserman schultz practicing her speech for the democratic national convention in charlotte next week, bless her heart. (laughter) >> you know-- (applause) >> i don't think she has much of a sense of humor. you know. >> i think mike huckabee's comment was an example of how he isn't familiar with the voice of a strong woman. >> oh, really? >> oh. >> can i let you in on a little secret. it's obviously true she has never met janet huckabee, my wife of 38 years. and you know, i thought it was a pretty tame joke and a show after all. even chris christie disappointed some people because he spoke from the podium instead of throwing it at the audience. [applause] >> we're demanding that our leaders stop tearing each other down and work together to take action on the big things facing america. >> and marco rubio, he delivered one of the most powerful speeches at this or any other conventions i've attended, pulled his punches on the pr
. white house not happy with debbie wasserman schultz. she's become a distraction. what do you say to that? >> our chat and the reporter she asked of intentionally misquoting her. ntgomery and abigail higgins had... ...a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit. which provided for their every financial need. and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. [ construction sounds ] ♪ ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ police radio chatter ] ♪ [ tires squeal, siren wails ] we gotta be out of here in a minute. ♪ [ construction sounds ] [ coughing ] [ loud engine start up ] you ok? [ engine revs ] you ok? come in. ♪ got the coffee. oh...right... that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to pr
. this is "the five." >> eric: we're watching debbie waserman schultz approach the podium. she is going to kick off the gnc, chairwoman of the democratic party and she is expected to talk for two or three minutes. take listen to the chairwoman. >> thank you. the 46th quadrennial national convention of the democratic party will now come to order. [ applause ] welcome. welcome delegates, alternate, standing committee members, special guests, friends, members of the news media. guests from around the world. and fellow americans to our deliberations. over the next three days, we will hold the most open and accessible political convention in history. [ applause ] thank you! viewers from across the country and around the world can watch the entire convention. gaffe to gavel, live -- gavel to gavel, live streamed through the democratic convention website and the mobile app. in addition, the program is streamed simultaneously in spanish. [ applause ] during the national convention, we will clearly demonstrate why we need to keep barack obama and joe biden in the white house! [ applause ] at this conven
wasserman schultz showed up. he didn't come till late afternoon and i was told he told somebody in contradiction to what he said last week is that he's not going to do much here. he doesn't want to do anything to drawn necessary attention or do anything to contribute to the obama defeat. obviously he's got his own problems and own concerns, but this is not the stan that he took last week that he was going to mobile -- stance that he took last week that he was going to mobilize. he seems to be many n a much more passive mode. >> is it your sense that is vincent gray's decision to keep arm's strength or the party's? >> i think it might be a mutual decision, that not they ever collaborated, but both sides probably don't think it's in the city's interest to push forward. many people are very displeased with vague vague who are wearing red statehood shirts. they think he should take a much more active role. he'll have a role when he announces the ballot results, but i don't think you'll see much opportunity there. >> reporter: i want to turn to virginia. the senate race between geor
on vote 2012 in the hot topics section at the top of the screen 3 schultz says: " "it freaked me out because it makes me wonder okay do i have people walking through my yard (on caa) to get back to the woods?" woods?" next on fox45 news at ten...why a blackhawk helicopter... made an unexpected landing... in her yard... // we always prepare for the wo" worst." ...and why some people are saying....hurricane isaac... was worse than come back katrina...when we 3 3 actor michael clarke duncan has died. "the green mile" actor had been in the hospital for almost two mooths. attack... the six-foot-five star appeared in dozens of fflms including &p"planettof the apes," "armageddon," nd "the scorpion king," the fire season continues to be tough out west. west. this time in the angeles national forest just ast and north of los angeles where a fire broke out yesterday. it has now burned more than four thousanddacres. theewilliams fire began near a camp fire on sunday.he area typically attracts about 12-thousand visitoos over the holiday's extremely dry this time of yea
schultz. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening, rachel. >>> good evening, ezra. thanks to you at home for joining us this friday night. there's a lot going on. the biggest story in the country remains exactly what you think it is. it's american embassies being targeted all over the world and the continuing aftermath of our ambassador being murdered this week in libya along with three other americans. there's a lot else that happened today in the news. there's a ton to get to in tonight's show. including a surprise ruling out of wisconsin that has overturned republican governor scott wa walker's union stripping law there and surprise ruling in virginia on republican efforts to effectively ban abortion in the state of virginia. and another surprise ruling today shutting down a big voter purge planned by a republican secretary of state in one of the nine swing states that both presidential campaigns believe is going to decide this election. that is all ahead this hour, all from today's news. it is a very big show. >>> we start with tonight's top story and with a decision m
schultz, mr. mike rossi, senior adviser on jobs for governor brown. also officials from the delegation. the director-general of the department of foreign investment and administration. mr. wong shi. and mr. -- the commercial counselor of the department of corporation. and the director-general of the investment promotion agency of the ministry of commerce in china. we have more. the chairman of the tschida chamber of commerce -- china chamber of commerce. and from the china contractors association. and the president of the foreign trade and economic relations commission. and the deputy director general, department of commerce of the inner mongolia, autonomous region. the director of economic and trade office of [unintelligible] province. i would like to mention that locally, we have a city council member from fremont, ms. sue chan and supervisor malia cohen is in the house. thank you for coming. i remember not long ago when vice-president -- the vice- president visited the united states and i traveled to los angeles with our mayor at the time and what an event. and now a few months late
letting up. >> my job is not to worry about those -- >> tonight, dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz on the democratic effort to get out the vote in iowa and beyond. >>> "mother jones" unearthed yet another lost romney tape from his bain years. >> bain capital is an investment partnership. >> i'll ask robert reich what mitt romney means when he says he's harvesting companies. >>> if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> and the guy who has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to women has the nerve to call senator claire mccaskill unladylike. we'll bring you the latest on the todd akin disaster. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thank for watching. iowa kicked off the 2012 election in january. today it was the first state where people could cast their votes in person for the general election. the race is on. the race has been tight in iowa, but president obama has the momentum. the latest ten-day poll average from "real clear politics" shows president obama with nearly a five-point lead. iowa voters were out in full
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 388 (some duplicates have been removed)